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Humanizing George Zimmerman …

15 Jul

The verdict of not guilty in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case – of his acquittal on all charges – both 2nd Degree Murder as charged, and the lesser charge of manslaughter – is already bringing out the usual suspects in mass.

Zimmerman - Guilty until proven GuiltyThe hypocrisy, intentional ignorance, willful disregard for the facts and gross negligence and irresponsibility of the resulting comments is simply beyond belief. The despicable commentary in this Guardian story a prime example.

It should be noted the Guardian story nearly exactly reflects a since deleted tweet by an AP reporter in the US (among many others, including Hollywood do-gooder’s, pro athletes and others).

The opening sentence tells pretty much all you need to know:

Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn’t like the look of him.

No regard for the law. No regard for the evidence. Complete disregard of the facts. Filled with knowing half-truths, flimsy fabrications and outright lies. Petty, petulant do-gooder’s demanding they get their own way, with wholesale disregard and disdain for any who dare disagree with their despicable views.

Yes that’s quite a mouthful … and its just as hard to swallow.

A much younger and smaller Trayvon Martin.Make sure you note the picture heading this disgusting mess of hate mongering.

Yes – that picture – the one of  a much younger and smaller Trayvon Martin.  The picture which bears no resemblance to the Trayvon Martin who confronted Zimmerman that dark and rainy night.

That overt dishonesty is transparent and amazing.  More recent photos of Trayvon are readily available. They do not paint the picture desired by the dishonest people with axes to grind and grudges to bear.

This is the Trayvon Zimmerman facedJudge for yourselves … the picture at right is much closer to the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman faced.

Stupid, disgusting and ridiculous commentary such as from the apparent ‘village idiot’  at the Guardian  … help show the real problem.

And that is that the biggest race problem America has is the scumbag race baiters like Al Sharpton, the “Reverend” Jackson, the NAACP and the like … the demonizers who are behind these words and thoughts.

None of these people will acknowledge the facts about George Zimmerman – as they are highly inconvenient to their race-baiting agenda and positions.

While the US media largely ignored, or actively manipulated, the facts, Reuters did a detailed review of Zimmerman’s background and those facts … and the truth about George Zimmerman does not remotely support the race narrative.

These alleged civil rights advocates have argued Zimmerman should not have prejudged Martin, however one black neighbor of the Zimmerman’s said recent history and context is important to take into account.

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’m black, OK?” the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood,” she said. “That’s why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin.”

The Reuters story and a handful of other articles from other news sources, did detailed well researched and documented stories that pretty clearly showed Zimmerman was not racially motivated. Yet those stories were largely buried by the mainstream press, and wholly ignored by the race-baiter’s and the like, which continues today.

Key points about George Zimmerman:

  1. Zimmerman “was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him.”
  2. Zimmerman’s maternal grandmother lived with the Zimmerman’s since 1978, and took care of George during his childhood. Zimmerman as a child grew up with two African-American girls under his grandmothers care who ate their meals at the Zimmerman home and went back and forth to school each day with the Zimmerman children. “They were part of the household for years …”
  3. In 2004, Zimmerman partnered with an African-American friend and opened up an Allstate insurance satellite office…
  4. The FBI interviewed nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, and found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin
  5. And the big one … Zimmerman was one of very few in Sanford who publicly condemned the Dec 2010 beating of the black homeless man Sherman Ware, by the son of a Sanford police officer Ware suffered a concussion. The son was not arrested or charged, even though an onlooker had video evidence of his actions. Documents and emails now show police officers and officials from the office of the State Attorney operated with extreme caution because the attackers father was a high-ranking law enforcement officer.Zimmerman strongly advocated on behalf of the black man beaten –  printing and distributing copies of fliers demanding the community “hold accountable” the officers responsible for any misconduct.Zimmerman spent countless hours in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice, including helping organize the City Hall meeting on January 8th, 2011 at Sanford City Hall. “I challenge you to stand together and to have our voices heard, and to hold accountable all of those officers, and officials whom let this atrocious attack pass unpunished until the media revealed it,” one of the fliers reads in part.

Do the facts above sound like someone who is a racist – who hates black folks as so many insist?  Does that George Zimmerman sound like someone who would stalk and murder an unarmed youth because he was black?

The Reuters story also documents there clearly was, as the Sanford Police have acknowledged, a significant and growing crime problem in the neighborhood, and that it was largely young black men perpetrating these crimes.

It is these circumstances that influenced Zimmerman’s actions and decisions that night:

  1. By the summer of 2011, Twin Lakes was experiencing a rash of burglaries and break-ins. At least eight burglaries were reported within Twin Lakes in the 14 months prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to the Sanford Police Department. Witnesses identified the suspects to police as young black men. One morning in July 2011, a black teenager walked up to Zimmerman’s front porch and stole a bicycle, neighbors told Reuters. A police report was taken.
  2. On August 3,2011 neighbor Olivia Bertalan was at home with her infant son. She watched from a downstairs window, she said, as two black men repeatedly rang her doorbell and then entered through a sliding door at the back of the house. She ran upstairs, locked herself inside the boy’s bedroom, and called a police dispatcher, whispering frantically. Police arrived just as the burglars – who had been trying to disconnect the couple’s television – fled out a back door.After police left Bertalan, George Zimmerman arrived at the front door in a shirt and tie, she said. He gave her his contact numbers on an index card and invited her to visit his wife if she ever felt unsafe. He returned later and gave her a stronger lock to bolster the sliding door that had been forced open.”He was so mellow and calm, very helpful and very, very sweet,” she said last week. “We didn’t really know George at first, but after the break-in we talked to him on a daily basis. People were freaked out. It wasn’t just George calling police … we were calling police at least once a week.”
  3. Less than two weeks later, another Twin Lakes home was burglarized, police reports show. Two weeks after that, a home under construction was vandalized.
  4. On February 2, 2012, Zimmerman placed a call to Sanford police after spotting a young black man he recognized peering into the windows of a neighbor’s empty home, according to several friends and neighbors. By the time police arrived, according to the dispatch report, the suspect had fled.
  5. On February 6, the home of another resident was burglarized. Two roofer’s working directly across the street saw two African-American men lingering in the yard at the time of the break-in. A new laptop and some gold jewelry were stolen. One of the roofer’s called police the next day after spotting one of the suspects among a group of male teenagers, three black and one white, on bicycles.Police found the laptop in the backpack of one of the black teens. He was the same man Zimmerman had spotted on February 2.

A few weeks later Zimmerman noticed another young man in the neighborhood, acting in a way he found familiar, so he made another call to police.  “We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy,” Zimmerman said … we all know the result.

Lets next review some of the facts from that fateful night:

  1. First, it is an outright lie Zimmerman ignored a police order not to follow. He was on the phone with police in his car. Martin disappeared behind the buildings. Listening to the tape you can hear him get out of the car and start walking. The dispatch asked if he was following, and when he said yes, told him “we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman responded “OK”, they terminated the call, and he began returning to the car to meet the officer …when he was attacked.
  2. Second – right or wrong, Martin was acting in a manner that fit the profile – the criminal profile – that the neighborhood had been experiencing. Zimmerman could only go on the info he had, and called it in, as he had done a number of times before.Certainly he could have stayed in the car, something all can probably agree on, but there was no legal or other reason preventing him from trying to carefully see where, what he thought was a suspicious person, went.There is no evidence he aggressively pursued or chased Martin in any way. It seems clear he thought Martin was retreating – trying to “get away” – and that he did not expect to be confronted, nor would he have tried to confront Martin based on his comments to dispatch.
  3. Third, it is simply beyond any rational, intelligent, comprehension that Zimmerman, knowing police were seconds away, and that there were occupants in buildings mere feet away – any one which might be looking out their window – would intentionally kill Martin.
  4. Fourth, it is equally inconceivable that Martin, if Zimmerman had gotten free after being beaten, would just stand there and allow Zimmerman to press the gun nearly against his chest and fire.
  5. Which brings us to the elephant that seems to be continually ignored – Martins own actions.Neither the press, clearly not the race-baiter’s, and certainly not those with an agenda critical of Zimmerman, wants to acknowledge or address Martin’s decisions and actions of that night.When he disappeared – ‘got away’ – from that “creepy ass cracker” … he was seconds, not minutes, at most from the home he was staying in. If he was the ‘frightened child’ so many like to make him out to be, he had all the time in the world to simply continue to that home, lock the door and be safe.He had a cell phone, as we know from the witness he was talking to. If he was afraid of the “cracker” following him, or even just mad about it – one call to 911 would have stopped what occurred.Instead he chose to confront Zimmerman and then attack and try to beat him senseless. The evidence was incontrovertible – Trayvon Martin beat Zimmerman.Zimmerman’s story never changed, his injuries were clear and consistent with his account, and his claims and statements were supported by credible witnesses – including those of the prosecution.We know without doubt – from the 911 call tapes – that the attack lasted at least 45 seconds before we hear the single gunshot.You can question whether Martin would have continued – just how much harm he would have inflicted, but we know for a fact it went on at least 45 seconds – in what was described by a prosecution witness as an MMA style “ground pounding” – smashing his face and pounding his head into the sidewalk.Zimmerman had facial injuries, along with cuts and knots to the back of his head, both entirely consistent with his and witness accounts.One of the first statements Zimmerman made to officers was that he had cried for help repeatedly but no one came.Hindsight may well show those injuries were not life threatening – but it is not what we or any others think, or even know with certainty with the benefit of hindsight.What matters was what Zimmerman believed at the time. I don’t see how any reasonable person can say, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman’s belief he was in danger of great bodily harm or death was unfounded.

In the end this truly IS a tragedy.

I personally disagree with the decision to carry a weapon, although I can understand it. But it was completely legal for him to do so.

A very important fact is there is zero evidence presented that he ever displayed the gun, keeping it hidden under his jacket, until it became exposed during the beating.

Yes Zimmerman could have stayed in the car, but he was never ordered not to follow, nor did any law require that. When dispatch realized he was, they told him he “did not need to do that” and can clearly be heard to acknowledge and stop, returning to his car to meet officer.

Likewise, instead of doubling back and confronting Zimmeramn, Martin could have simply returned home, a few steps away, when he “lost” Zimmerman, and been safe.

The jury was presented with all of the evidence. They were also given an “out”- the ability to find guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter, which requires only proof Zimmerman intended to shoot him, and not the higher proof required for 2nd Degree murder.

They reviewed all the evidence. They even asked for clarification on the manslaughter charge. It is clear they made every effort to fairly review the evidence.

And in the end, as many of us have said from the beginning, they could not find even an intent to kill, let alone the with “ill will, spite or hatred” requirement required of the 2nd degree charge.

This result is all the more important in that it was  in spite of the overt attempts by the race-baiter’s, the politicians, and even the media – who literally manufactured evidence in an attempt to portray Zimmerman in the worst light possible.

Zimmerman_noose_NBCMSNBC, besides the gross conflict of allowing Sharpton to be a participant making the news, and then, in a ridiculous lapse of any semblance of journalistic ethics,  to REPORT on the story he was a key player in – in effect allowing him to create the news he then reported on … went  so far as to manipulate the 911 call from Zimmerman to untruthfully make it appear he made a racial comment.

NBC News, in a March 27, 2012, broadcast of the “Today” show, edited the tape of Zimmerman’s comments to a police dispatcher on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012, to say:

“Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

When in reality the full tape shows he said:

“Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.”

NBC’s response was truly pathetic – noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.  They went on to say:

“… the pivotal nature of the second-degree murder case: “[I]f Zimmerman is convicted, that fact alone will constitute substantial evidence that the destruction of his reputation is the result of his own criminal conduct, and not of the broadcasts at issue which, like countless other news reports disseminated by media entities throughout the country, reported on the underlying events.””

It would appear NBC is now about to be convicted by their own words – Zimmerman was not convicted, of any offense – and their excuse-making has become their admission of guilt.

zimmeramn_buratstakeDespite these type attempts to manipulate the outcome, and intense pressure from many fronts for a conviction, with this ‘stacked deck’ a jury still courageously followed the evidence and the law and found George Zimmerman not guilty.

BOTH Zimmerman and Martin made wrong choices that night in my informed opinion. Had either made different key decisions the outcome would likely have been far different. That said neither Zimmerman or Martin in my opinion were “guilty” that night.

Zimmerman could have stayed in the car.

Martin could have gone home.

Either action would have stopped what occurred. Both bear that responsibility – the result is not racial –  it is nothing but a sad consequence of the confluence of events and decisions made that night.

I believe the people trying to turn this into something it was clearly not – the people ignoring all the evidence and only seeing the result that fits their world view and/or agenda … and this included the mainstream media who were so intent on smearing Zimmerman, even if they had to manufacture stories …  are some of the most despicable people in this world today.

None of us can walk in each others shoes – I cannot know what a black man knows and experiences, nor can he know my experiences. But I do know that many people who walk side by side as friends, day in and day out, ignoring color and the despicable actions of these scumbags,  are being forced by these race baiter’s into taking sides.

And if that is not the very definition of racism I do not know what is.