Obama’s $1m Tiger golf weekend = 341 furloughed Federal Workers

8 Mar

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama:

“There is nothing just or virtuous about protecting a stale welfare state that is failing the people it is supposed to help.”

ImageAfter having 18 months notice to come up with a reasoned plan for the sequester, one that minimizes the damage and protects as many jobs as possible, Obama’s plan has tuned out to be inflict maximum damage.

And play golf.

With Tiger Woods.

Oh, and let’s not forget – to blame rich people and Republicans, not necessarily in that order.

However, instead of cutting out truly unnecessary services such as the White House Calligrapher department, with its 3 employees making almost $300,000 a year, Obama shuts down White House tours … which not by accident affect mostly kids and other ordinary citizens who travel to Washington for what, for many, is a once in a lifetime chance.

And in his best show of the uncaring, unconnected, elitist he is … there was never a thought of cancelling his weekend of golf with one Tiger Woods, estimated to cost taxpayers in excess of $1 million dollars. Not to mention planning underway for the Presidents

Obama and his administration have failed to submit a Federal budget as required by law, for now into a 4th year. In a Weekly Standard story, Senator Sessions asks the highly pertinent question; why then, as they have not had to do their most primary job for now 4 years, doesn’t the President furlough his 500 person staff at the Office of Management and Budget, rather than threatening fireman, policemen and depriving small children and ordinary citizens of the ability to see the Whitehouse – which their tax dollars have paid for?

Instead Obama has made his plan very clear – inflict maximum pain. To that end he has had the top people in his administration preaching the sky will fall, for weeks.

Pistone at the TSA and “Big Sis” Napolitano, head of Department of Homeland Security have told anyone who would listen the sequester cuts would cause maximum chaos, long lines at airports, air traffic control delays, a run on the border as immigrant take advantage of reduced ranks in the border patrol.

But a funny thing happened, or rather did not. None of the issues and claims made by these scaremongers, including the President, have been found to be true. Airports across the country have refuted the administration’s claims of delays. Air traffic is running just fine. Air travel security is doing so well the TSA announced this week small knives and other relaxation of rules are coming. And the only run on the border is possibly at Taco Bell with their new cool ranch tacos released earlier.

Things have gone so well, and shown the scaremongering for the silliness it is, that we’re now seeing contrived responses to show the pain.

First a few hundred, now thousands of illegal immigrant detainees being released from the jails we’ve held them in. Instead of $85 to $145 a day to house, feed, clothe and take care of them in custody – the new procedures, ankle bracelets, home detention and the like, will reunite families and will now cost the government from 14 cents to a few dollars a day. Sounds like a damn good idea to me – if it is, as they claim, safe to do now, why the heck have we kept these thousands of low risk people in jails all this time?

But don’t you worry now. The President has gone on the air to assure us  the pain from the sequestration cuts “will be real”… and if you don’t believe him this CNN video is here to show you the error of your ways:

The audacity is almost awe-inspiring, as the President admonishes against making “dumb and arbitrary cuts.”

Would that include playing gold with Tiger Woods instead of keeping 341 workers employed Mr. President?   Or do you mean things like cutting White House tours instead of the White House calligraphy department?

Mr. Obama – its time to play a serious adult game. Its called “This, not That” …

Choose “This” Mr. Obama:


Not “That”:       



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