Obama’s Legacy: Government Greed

4 Mar

Rather than govern, than lead, Obama has spent the last month trotting out official after official to paint the scariest picture possible of the sequester cuts. Along the way he has steadfastly blamed the GOP for their unreasonableness and failure to compromise.

All the while ignoring they did that already. Going against core principles, the GOP accepted large tax increases on the “rich.” Obama and the Democrats promised future cuts … we all know how that worked out.

wimpy-payTues-burgerOne J. Wellington Wimpy perhaps said, and demonstrated, it best … “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

We know how that worked out as well.

When it became apparent the President never intended to pay for that hamburger, and the sequester was likely to occur, the GOP again stepped to the plate and offered a bill to allow the President to select the cuts to be made, rather than across the board reductions.

The President ignored that opportunity as well.

But its all the GOP’s fault.

Obama lecturing on the dire consequences of the sequester cuts ....

President Obama’s Legacy: Government Greed
Americans know that at least 3 percent of federal spending is wasteful.
By Gov. Bobby Jindal

It seems as if President Obama sends out another cabinet secretary every hour to tell the public about the dire consequences we will face if the sequestration cuts are not averted.

You’ve heard them — no vaccinations for children, teachers losing their jobs, less security from terrorist attacks, longer wait times at airports, and fewer food inspections. Now there are even reports that government officials are releasing hundreds of immigrants from deportation centers. What’s next? Is the president going to threaten to open the doors of federal prisons? This is silly.

Sequestration cuts account for less than 3 percent of the federal budget, but the president would have you believe that the world is going to end if they happen. Americans know that at least 3 percent of federal-government spending is wasteful — and they would tell you there’s room to cut the waste without jeopardizing critical services. The president is asking the American people to believe that there is no waste or fat in government. It’s just a ridiculous notion.
It gets better: Even after the sequestration reductions, the federal budget will actually be larger than it was last year. Let that one sink in. Only in Washington, D.C., would this be called a cut.


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